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Concrete Repairs

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BPQ Construction is a Gold Coast based construction company specialising in concrete repairs for corporate and residential buildings.

Concrete weakens over time as it becomes more vulnerable and this requires immediate action from a concrete repair expert. Prior to total damage, small cracks or slight damages must be restored as soon as possible to avoid large repair expenses which may have been avoided by earlier diagnosis and treatment.

BPQ Construction specialises in repairing and patching concrete structures throughout the rendered service.

Protecting and Repairing Your Structures

Repair Methods

The repair of spalling concrete in general, involves removing the loose concrete until clean non-corroded steel can be reached. Once the steel bar is exposed, the corrosion is removed then the steel treated with a protective coating. At completion, the affected concrete is patched using specialist mortars. As previously mentioned, concrete spalling occurs when the outside of the concrete is unprotected and exposed to the weather elements. This allows the cancer process to start. Therefore, in order to prevent or reduce future concrete spalling to the building once the repairs are complete, it is recommended that all of the external concrete surfaces have a protective coating applied.

Balcony Concrete Cancer Repair

Corroded Metal Beam Replacement

Concrete Foundation's Repair

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