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Expert Drainage Solutions

Buildings, retaining walls and landscapes all require adequate drainage and excavation to avoid damp issues, mould, puddling, flooding, erosion, and structural damage. Large amounts of water can build up quickly during heavy rain, storms and without adequate drainage this flows towards low-lying land, causing flooding, damage and safety risks.

BPQ Construction has extensive experience with investigating the problem, cause, and finding a solution for issues relating to poor drainage and waterproofing.

Drainage Solutions

BPQ Construction's Approach to Effective Drainage Management

Managing surface water run-off effectively and efficiently is a great way to improve drainage. We incorporate sloping surfaces so that the excess water is directed to an area where it can be diverted or connected to stormwater plumbing and drain away from the property.

Ground water is usually unseen and can cause erosion and foundation damage. Depending on the soil, water can travel under ground through different layers of earth material. Ground water drainage can be just as important as surface water drainage. BPQ Construction has different methods of ground water drainage solutions dependant on the circumstance.

Moisture ingress around the building perimeter walls can be mitigated with a combination of drainage and waterproofing. The external walls of buildings should not be retaining earth material without being waterproof as damp issues and mould can occur. Unfortunately, this can be common practice among buildings on a sloping block, built lower than the road, flood prone areas, and flat blocks.

Structural dampness is the presence of unwanted moisture in the structure of a building, either the result of intrusion from outside or condensation from within the structure. A high proportion of damp problems in buildings are caused by condensation, rain penetration or rising damp.

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Drainage System

Drainage Installation

This home had no waterproofing or drainage systems in place. Water ingress was causing damp and mould issues inside. We have to remove the soil, high pressure clean, apply our waterproofing system, install drainage and drainage gravel.

The stormwater pits were upsized to take the volume of water away to the main pit. As the home is located lower than the street, surface drains also had to be installed.

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