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Structural Repairs

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What is Structural Repairs?

Structural Repair means repair and replacement to the Building’s foundations, load-bearing walls, columns and joists and replacement of roofing and roof deck.

What is Structural Work?

Any component (including weatherproofing) that forms part of the external walls or roof of the building; The insurer defines Structural works as: Structural Element: any component or part of an assembly which provides necessary supporting structure to the whole or any part of the building.

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This home had no waterproofing or drainage systems in place. Water ingress was causing damp and mould issues inside. We have to remove the soil, high pressure clean, apply our waterproofing system, install drainage and drainage gravel.

What is Structural Defect Warranty?

Structural Defects Warranty protects against defects in newly built or converted and refurbished residential developments. It can also be known as latent defects insurance. It also protects against the potential cost of rebuilding and rectifying any defects that arise.
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