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Rooftop Membrane

Tailored Waterproofing for Every Surface​

Expert Rooftop Membrane Application by BPQ Construction

BPQ Construction specialise in restoring existing rooftop membranes. We can save on time, cost, and disruption by installing an extremely high performing composite waterproofing system, designed with a focus on roofing restoration. The products we use can be installed over various existing roofing membranes to extend the life of the roof for an additional 30 years. It cures to form a durable rubber membrane surface that provides a lasting and easy-to-clean waterproof coating. We can apply a seamless, monolithic waterproof membrane to concrete, primed metal, or existing roofing membrane surfaces including torch on bitumen.

We can also provide the option of removing the existing membrane and installing a new system. This method obviously has extra costs involved due to mechanically removing the original membrane, preparing the surface, and removing all waste from the rooftop.

Protecting Your Property

Water Ponding Solution

Water accumulation on a roof can lead to undesirable consequences for your property… Unfortunately, the fix is not always straightforward, we first investigate the problem then discuss frequent causes, solutions, and issues that can occur if you leave it untouched for too long.
Water ponding is when water builds up and stagnates on the surface of a roof for longer than 48 hours. Large puddles can form on the roof surface because the drainage system is not adequate for the structure, or due to a variety of other issues with the roof design or the building infrastructure. Because there is a high volume of liquid, it cannot evaporate off the roof and the stagnant water has nowhere to drain.

Some products used can emulsify when ponding occurs causing membrane defects which can lead to water ingress. Installing a screed with correct falls to drains and overflow outlets will ensure longevity and high performance of the membrane barrier, protecting the structural integrity of the entire building.

Contact BPQ Construction for a report and quote on your rooftop membrane.

Protecting Your Property

Deck and Balcony Waterproofing

Waterproofing systems have become quite sophisticated and are a very specialized area. Failed waterproof decks, polymer or tile, are one of the leading causes of water damage to building structures and of personal injury when they fail. Where major problems occur in the construction industry is when improper products are used for the wrong application.

For under-tile waterproofing products or exposed membrane systems, we have a waterproofing solution for your deck under construction or a leaking tiled balcony. We work only to the Master Builders standards for Internal and External Waterproofing. All products used comply with AS/NZ 4858:2004 and come with manufacturers warranties.

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